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Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
Spruce bedding is ok It is not like other softwoods and is equivalent to hardwoods in terms of the amount of phenols (ie negligible). However, it might not be all Spruce so I would check that. The Chipsi super bedding sold by Zooplus is a mix of Spruce and Pine (but it doesn't say what proportion is pine). I just looked up Allspan and it says 100% Spruce. It would need to be dust-extracted as well though.

There's some information about Spruce on this page Further down - equivalent to hardwood.

AFRMA - The Problem With Pine: A Discussion of Softwood Beddings

If it's a bit dusty you could shake it out and/or sieve it (sounds a bit of a hassle though). Depends if your hamster likes it as well of course. They can be allergic to any type of wood bedding, but hopefully yours won't be
Thank you that was extremely helpful. Allspan is 100% Spruce so it should be all good, when I run out of carefresh ill give it a try
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