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Default Re: Hamster has hay stuck in his butt...

If he doesn't pass the hay through soon, get to a Vet as soon as is possible. DON'T pull on the hay bit if it is in his poop hole(Anus) as it could be twisted around intestine farther inside him and you could cause major and life threatening problems if you attempt to pull it out. Soft hay in the digestive tract can act just like fluffy bedding if the hamster ate the strand whole. I myself would get him seen by a small animal vet immediately.

If the hay is just in his long hair you can use a food oil and coat the hay with it and then after several minutes take a small comb used for Long haired cats and gently use just the last tooth of the comb to pull apart the matted hair into several small sections until the hay is worked out. This requires a hamster used to being brushed so if he doesn't accept this grooming the most humane thing for him is to just clip the hay caused mat out and let the hair regrow.
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