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Default Re: Hamster has hay stuck in his butt...

It does sound like he might be having problems passing the hay. It's true, hamsters don't need it and it can even be slightly risky with dust and pointy bits to poke their eyes. Which food mix are you using? If you get something like Harry Hamster it contains all the required nutrients and roughage they need and most hamsters seem to like it and not be too selective with it. Giving a tiny piece of fresh veg every other day is also what a lot of people do (every 2 or 3 days at first then eventually onto every day). Just about a 1cm cubed sized piece (doesn't actually have to be square lol - just side that for size visualisation). Broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, cucumber - are all favourites and easy to keep in, in the fridge so they last longer. Our hamster's reason for getting up at night is to get his piece of veg each day - I swear he sits in his house waiting for it to appear because he is up and nabs it almost straight away, before any other food. Veg gives them roughage and vitamins and so on as well.

If he seems constipated with the hay and struggling it might be an idea to take him to the vet as he could have a blockage.
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