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Something you could do instead of adding sand(very dusty in large amounts especially deep amounts)would be trying different substrate in different sections or using a naturally colored substrate.Carefresh make brown substrate(Natural)and other brands do as well,but really something to keep in mind is that while we can replicate the natural habitat of some reptiles and other animals very well it is not really possible to completely replicate the natural habitat of most hamsters with our limitations.

It is good to lean towards the natural end of the spectrum though,so don't get discouraged!Try out some natural material toys instead of plastic and do things like that.I know you could probably also get a wooden wheel but do make sure it is the right size(a large Syrian would require a 30.5 cm wheel while some dwarf hamsters could be fine with a smaller wheel).

I've seen clay natural-style burrows be made,but you have to be careful to choose a safe clay with no chemicals in it that would be risky.I do forget the link,but it was a really fun idea and it seemed extremely simple!

Instead of actual plants,opt for things like oat sprays and millet as they won't add humidity into the cage which would be a concern for such sensitive creatures.
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