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Default Re: Skyline Alexander cage?

Is Skyline Alexander the same as the Alexander? (Sorry, that sounds dumb!)
I have the Alexander - or rather, Sweep does! LOL - and LOVE it! The shelves are fiddly to put in But it has plenty of room and comes with 3 beds - have never used the two small ones but the big one is MASSIVE! Plenty of room for a hamster to hide all their favorite things in, and sleep! One thing I don't like about it, though, is the wheel has to go in the very middle of the cage which means you can't put the plank-thing in to join the two shelves, as a large wheel won't fit under the shelves! One that attatches to the bars might fit under there. I had this cage previously and used different shelves - corner rat ones - so the wheel easily fitted under as I was able to move the shelf higher. (I use one of those long bendy bridges - with little hooks on - as a ladder to one shelf as the cage only comes with one ladder) But there is plenty of room for toys
*Just looked back at some old photos - the wheel that fitted under the shelves was the large comfort wheel. The Trixie wheel that I had after that, and have now, don't fit under the shelves, and I can't attatch it to the bars. It can attach to barred cages, but I think the bars are too close together for the Trixie wheel*

Here is the cage when it was first set up - you can see the big big bed! And what I mean about the wheel. It currently doesn't look like that LOL

Here is a picture of the shelves I used to use. They were so much easier to put in! Sadly they don't make them anymore

The big bed is great to put things on, so can be used like another shelf! (Here is a past hamster, Baby Belle, too!) You can put a bedny bridge over one of the entrances to make it darker inside and to use as a ranp to the top of the house, but it doesn't need one

I have the substrate right to the very top of the base, as Sweep loves to dig, but a lot of it gets taken into the big bed! LOL Sweep doesn't have the big bed at the moment, as he moved out when the weather got warmer, but he has a smaller one (which he isn't sleeping in!)
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