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Default Re: Feeding Hamsters with Missing Teeth or Who Are Elderly

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
Those are great tips! I for one will find them useful Looks like I need to get myself a pestle and mortar (don't have a food processor either lol). My only comment would be about the use of hot water from the tap - I think boiling/boiled water would be safer. I'm not sure if it's the same these days with combi boilers, but my Dad always said water from the hot tap isn't direct from the mains and can pick up bacteria in header tanks and so on. It's probably fine, but boiled water might be an idea
Thanks Serendipity7000
Didn't realise that about hot water from the tap but I've been using boiled water or cold water. Is cold water fine from the taps?
(I've edited my above post to remove warm water from taps to just be on the safe side)
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