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Default Re: Angry Birds Movie!

So for Serendipity and Little Boy (and everyone else who wants it!) ...

The start of the film is a bit odd to be honest! The main character is Red, a red bird lol. He is a bit left out of the group of birds. They laugh at him a lot. He gets sentenced to do an anger management course by a judge (who is actually 2 birds on top of each other lol). At the group we meet the other main characters, Bomb (who blows up) and Chuck (a yellow bird). There is another big bird in the group, Terence, but he doesn't say anything, and the group leader is an odd bird called Matilda. There are random flash backs where we see Red as a chick. He has no parents and big eye brows so the other children tease him, which makes him angry. One day they are in their anger management class and they hear a lot of noise outside. They see all the birds running to the beach, where they find a large boat. We then meet 2 green pigs. Most of the birds think they are funny and want to be friends and the pigs spend many days throwing parties with the birds. Red, however, thinks there is something seriously wrong and goes off to investigate, where he finds a LOT more pigs on the boat as well as a few odd "weapons". The pigs make up a story about how their life was in danger which is why all the other pigs are there. Red, Chuck and Bomb later go on an adventure to try and find the mysterious "Mighty Eagle" as they think he is the only one who knows what is happening. However, as a chick Red was told that Mighty Eagle wasn't real yet he doesn't believe it. They have a statue of Mighty Eagle on the Bird Island and when Red looks properly at it, he sees he is pointing to a high mountain, which is where he believes they will find him. They eventually do find Mighty Eagle, who is a sort of strange bird as he seems to refuse to help them. He prefers dancing and bird watching instead, but when Red looks through Mighty Eagle's binoculars, he sees the pigs stealing all the eggs! Although Red, Chuck and Bomb race back to try and warn the other birds no one listens to them. Later we see the birds all sad because their eggs are gone, and suddenly everyone is relying on Red to tell them what to do - after they apologize for not listening to him. Although up til this point he is being taught that anger is not the answer to everything, he tells the birds that in order to get the eggs back they all need to be angry! They build a boat, and get to Pig Island where the pigs are about to cook the eggs for dinnner. Using a catapult that the pigs had given them, the birds fire themselves into the castle where a rescue mission happens to get the eggs. Mighty Eagle also comes to help eventually, and as he is the only bird who can fly, he is the one able to get the eggs and bring them to safety. Red is back inside the castle when one egg falls out the net and he wants to rescue it. He has a fight with the pig king and does manage to save the egg, which eventually hatches into 3 little birds, who are just adorable! At the end the birds rebuild their town, and actually rebuild Red's house (which the pigs had destroyed with their boat). Red had been living just outside of the communtiy of the birds, but his house is rebuilt right in the middle. So he is now loved and accepted by everyone
It is a great film, though we had people constantly shouting at each other, kicking the chairs and one lady in front of us who kept checking Facebook or text messages every 5 minutes. Although her phone was on silent it started flashing - looked like a mini strobe light! It was annoying and distracting!
If you see the movie within the next week I really suggest booking the night before as it is busy as it only came out yesterday! We booked last night and ended up with the last 2 seats, and there were people being turned away because it was full!
Although I think children would like it, I think very young children might not understand it. But it is funny. And at times I almost cried!
I would give the whole film about 4 out of 5, but only cos I didn't get the beginning where Red got sent to the bird court for getting angry when he delivered a birthday cake! (Actually it was a "hatch day cake")
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