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Default Re: A Newbie with some questions!

Hi, and welcome to HC! I've only ever had Syrian's, so can't tell you much about the others I'm afraid. But my current boy doesn't get up til around 1am, and is up and about at various times during the day. One of my previous hamsters, Belle, was probably my best friend, and was "there" for me when I felt low. I really did feel like I had a conncection with her, and sometimes if I was sad she would climb up me and sit on my shoulder then snuggle against my ear, instead of exploring or whatever she was doing. I do think it's down to temperment but a few of my hams I have been close to. One thing I love about animals, rather than people, is they never judge you or answer back. They just understand you need a few more hugs and most are happy to give them!
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