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Default Re: A Newbie with some questions!

Hi & welcome.

I think Russian dwarf hams would be well suited to your general routine, most people recommend starting out with syrians but my life with hams began with a little russian & I've never looked back, I love dwarf hams
They really aren't difficult to tame, do tend to keep more sociable hours being out & about more in the day, getting up earlier in the evening & staying up later in the morning so you wouldn't have a problem spending time with your ham.
How much space do you have? Most hams need out of cage time & setting up a play pen or safe play area for dwarf hams (or at least the russians) can be easy & need not take up too much room, syrians need a lot more space & are a lot harder to contain in a play area so that would be something to consider too. I wouldn't recommend hamster balls as an alternative btw, definitely not for dwarfs & not the best thing for syrians either.
With a little time & patience I've found my dwarf hams come to enjoy handling, playing & cuddles, the best of everything really!
I've never had a syrian so can't really offer much advice there.
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