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Default Re: A Newbie with some questions!

Hi and welcome. I would recommend a Syrian for first time owner they can be easier to tame and a bit more social, but Russian dwarf hamster can also be a great pet to. I did have a pair of Russian dwarfs first myself but since had Syrians. Most Syrian hamsters enjoys being handled and they can really help you deal with the emotional time you are going through (they have help me through emotional times to) also they are full of character which can easily cheer you up. I don't think your lifestyle really will effect suitability, if you can provide a suitable size cage, wheel, bedding, water, food etc and a cuddle any hamster will be happy.

I haven't owned gerbils myself but have pet sat some personally I think they are amazing creatures but I found they are easily occupied by digging although they need lots of toys to chew (however that can be the same for hamster also), hamsters tend to be more social in my opinion, as the gerbils I looked after didn't like to be held. hamsters or gerbils will make great pets it depend upon which you prefer.

Syrians are more likely to bond with you more also male Syrians tend to be more laid back while females are more active, but this is not always the case it depends also upon the individual. Some Syrians also like to come out of there cages more often than Russian dwarf. But either Syrian, Russian, or Gerbils will make a great pet and companion.
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