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Default Re: Carefresh small animal

From what I know the Carefresh foods are only good for providing the bare minimum nutrients.If you're going to spend money on anything,get Higgins Sunburst or Higgins Vita Garden(depending on species,Vita Garden for dwarf hams and Sunburst for any ham that isn't diabetic prone)and Mazuri Rat and Mouse lab blocks and just do a mixed diet.Much easier,and better nutrition with far better variety!Actually if you get it it's cheaper than the Carefresh one too because it lasts over 2 months and you will not likely spend more than 20 dollars on the first two bags of food and if you're spending the least possible it costs 7 dollars per month if it only lasts 2 months.Or,if it lasts 3,even less money every time it lasts longer than 2 months!
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