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Default Re: ZZ2 or Maxi Duna?

I just checked out your video of Willow She looks a real character lol. Looks like she is in a cage at the moment, so I'm guessing it's bar chewing that's making you think of a tank is that right? So if she isn't chewing the plastic base of her current cage, I shouldn't worry about that too much. The bar chewing could be if the cage is too small. I wouldn't call my Barney cage base flimsy, but it isn't quite as thick as the Savic one I had.

They can still chew at the bars on the roof of a Maxi Duna or Zoozone as well, but a Maxi Duna does sound like a good option. When they're in a bigger cage with levels though, like the Alexander or Barney, there is so much space for enrichment in there that it's much less likely she would bar chew. Plus the bars are narrow ones and not so easy to chew, which helps. Our Syrian only did it twice and both times he was under stress. The first time his cage was too small, the second time he'd had a change of environment after we'd been on holiday. So more enrichment = less stress.

But a Duna Maxi is maybe a good choice if you are worried bar chewing may continue. At least there are less bars and not so easy to chew on the roof.
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