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Originally Posted by AmityvilleHams View Post
Vita Garden isn't as good or something like that from what I've heard.Definitely a good thing you could find cheaper lab blocks though since you do have a lot more hamsters than the average person would have!
Vita Garden Plus from what I can see and read is the same as Sunburst but they add in Fruits and freeze dried Veggies to the Vita Garden of course for a dwarf this would not be good. Neither has the recommended protein levels which means you must supplement with some food that is better protein levels but here even Hazel Hamster is not a complete diet cause our Government doesn't approve some very needed ingredients which is why the company had to rename it to Hazel Hamster.

By all means Hazel Hamster is still the closest to correct if you can handle the cost to buy it. I also mix my own seed mix to help boost the protein levels of my seed mix. Been using Higgins for over 6 years now and loving it.
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