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I cannot even begin to tell you how many people have said that cage cleaning should be done weekly.As everyone has said,it should never be done weekly due to stress.Really,it originated through people being very sensitive to the high buildup of smell due to small cages as well as this whole ridiculous "miasma" theory that was always used for everything from decomposing corpses to pets.The theory is that floating particles of certain scents would make someone ill,pretty much,which is just such an insanely irrational idea.If your cage is around the UK minimum for hamster cages I'd say clean at most every two weeks,preferably 3 weeks.For cages that are around the German minimum for example Detolfs and large DIY cages(1,000 square inches and over but not sure on square cm at the moment and I'm too lazy to google the square cm right now)you can go anywhere from a month to supposedly a whole year without doing a full clean,depending on bedding depth and the hamster's own habits of where it goes to do its business.
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