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Default Re: Babies big now colours?

First off the Grey band pup is NOT Dark grey as both parents would have to be dark gray carriers as it is a recessive gene. Your Grey band pup is beyond any doubt a Silver Grey and is Umbrous which is why it looks so dark. So you now know Mom is Silver Black and lacks a Cinnamon gene as if she had a Cinny gene you would have had cinnamon pups, Dove pups, and if the Silver grey gene was combined you would have had a Blonde, or Silver Dove. The Blonde would have been more like a pink grey shade Cream but would have had the agouti markings of a black ticked monks cap, and cheek flashes and Crescents. Your Sable pup doesn't look silver Sable as the eye rings are too cream for it to be silver. Can't say 100% at this age but I have a hunch your Silver Grey Band pup is Long haired too.
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