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Originally Posted by Bertiebobbins View Post
No, don't take it out, a wheel is essential for them. Glowy used to do what you describe, he mastered running on top of it in the end! He also likes to stand outside his wheel and pull it round and round rather than go in it.

How old is your ham?

The wheel size obviously isn't a problem. Is the wheel definitely working properly? Might be as well to inspect it thoroughly just to make sure. If she climbs on top of the wheel, is there anything she can get to like an escape route or something? That might explain why she's doing it. If so, maybe repositioning the wheel in the cage would discourage this.
She is 6 months old

It is a tank so she might see that as an escape. The wheel is running smoothly.

I will try repositioning it and see what she does.

I guess my main concern is will the falling cause any damage. I know its not from a fair height but I am still worried.
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