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Originally Posted by candice clews View Post
Hi! Does anyone know whether hamsters can use this for sand baths ? I can feel grains in it .....

here's a picture!

Attachment 35157

Yeah, I was looking for some Chinchilla Sand today at Pets at Home. Unfortunately, they only had Chinchilla DUST which was clearly labelled so I gave it a pass :P Don't bother looking there if you're looking for sand and instead go to Kennelgate for the Supreme Selective Chinchilla Dust (MAKE SURE THE SEAL HASN'T BEEN OPENED)

Originally Posted by Serendipity7000 View Post
I purchased that carton today from Kennelgate but got home finding the seal was opened so I looked inside and found a shiny insect crawling around...gave it a completely NOPE. Hopefully the store will give me an exchange and I shall make sure next time to check the seal.
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