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Default Re: My little Marnie

Hi! I just joined the forum because a YouTuber Erin's Animals recommenced it
I have currently 3 rodents. Two little fancy mice named Coco and Chanel and I haven't had them but a few weeks. Then I have my baby boy Milo! He is a black and white Syrian hamster and he is almost a year old. He is the sweetest little thing ever! I got him when he was itty bitty and he loved to be held and even though he has gotten quite big he loves to be held and even sleep on me. He is not very playful as of now because his cage is a bit small and so it is boring for him but when he is out he loves to crawl all over my bed and floor but I will be getting him quite a bigger cage to keep him stimulated when I am not there to hold him. My friend has just recently gotton an older syrian hamster about Milo's age and they are "married" her name is Jolene or Jo for short.

Sorry for the long introduction and I would love to hear about your hamsters
(oh and to comment on the actual post your hamster is so pretty I really love that color coat for hamsters)
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