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Default Re: Is this hammock hamster safe?

The main fear I had with hammocks or hanging other hanging equipment when I kept mice, was watching my mice use them and then see one of them stepping off the hammock onto the shelf floor and catch a back claw and repeatedly jerk her leg to get loose. Now even though she managed this, I worried that this could happen when I wasn`t watching and goodness knows, I could have found a mouse with a dangling broken leg. So I removed the hammock and ended up using a sponge cotton covered igloo (sold on Fuzzbutts back then) but not a Fuzzbutts product. I stood this igloo ON the shelf rather than use the thin ropes and clips to have it as a hanging toy and it was a much safer way to let the mice use it without the worry of becoming trapped in an awkward position. I cut off the hanging ropes and just used the igloo as a cosy nest for the girls and they had some off-cuts of fleece thrown in and some toilet paper!

Hamsters on the other hand are not quite as savvy as mice, so it pays to be vigilant and check the accessory for any loose threads or tears IF you must use them. But personally, I would rather hang a cardboard box like a Terry`s Chocolate Orange box with some shredded paper inside and use that! x
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