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Default Re: Dark Grey U or Cream U? Help needed!

Yes one of your parent hamsters has to be Ee or Pp(cinnamon can also turn a grey hamster creamish tone grey), or Both cream and cinnamon carried.

Your Grey pup is most likely Ee so his gene chain would be something like this AaE_P_SgsguuBabaLl You won't know if it is Cream or Cinnamon carried unless you were to test breed him to a Red Eyed Cream mate. If that REC mate didn't carry for Black you would get Goldens, or more Heterogeneous silver grey pups as well as some BEC and IF he carries Cinnamon REC as well as Silver Ivories with both Black or Red eyes IF he carries for Cinnamon

Technically you DID get one Golden but the Golden pup also got Dad's Silver Grey gene so is Grey instead of Golden. The other pups just happened to gain a black gene from each parent so ended up Black but of course each of your Black and black band pups might actually be Silver black(I highly suspect the solid Black pup is). You have the same photo for the two black band pups so either of them might be silver black as well.
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