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Default Re: Dark Grey U or Cream U? Help needed!

Your Male is Hetero(has only 1 gene of Silver Grey) silver Black(Sgsg + aa) and may carry other hidden colors like Cream(ee) and Cinnamon(pp). Your Female is Golden and if she were Hetero Silver grey she would look exactly like her Grey son as the Silver grey coloring turns any Agouti color to some form of a grey. Your Female does carry black, and may carry other hidden carried colors like the Male.

Silver grey is the only grey gene which is dominant and needs only one gene of grey from the parents 4 genes of color passed on to an offspring.
Your Dam of this litter is at the least ++AasgsguuLL(based on the fact the litter appears to be all short haired) Your Sire HAS to be at least aaSgsgu_ll One of your parents carries either Cream or Cinnamon as your Silver grey pup is Hetero and creamy toned grey shades which only occur when the resulting Grey pup has some other color carried which turns the grey to a buttermilk like undercoat.

The Silver gray on any self color produces a self color pup which often hides the fact of the hamster being Silver grey. Which is why your Silver Black band male doesn't look silver grey. I gave you some very explicable photos of what Silver grey looks like when combined with Black in my earlier post.
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