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Default Re: What to know about Breeding?

Originally Posted by Wanna Hamster View Post
To be honest, you should leave breeding to the experts. Many breeders breed for quality pets that will be healthier and happier than a pet store hamster, not just because it is fun. I don't mean to be rude in any way, but breeding isn't something that just anyone can do. I have cared for hamsters for many years now, but I still wouldn't breed just because it would be cute to see baby hamsters. Many people don't realize that you will most likely end up with 6+ baby hamsters to rehome, unless you have 8 cages ready to house them all yourself. It is not something that should be taken lightly and should be left to the experts. I'm sure some experienced breeders will post their opinions on it.
I appreciate you posting your opinion My intention wouldn't be to create hamsters that are not 'needed', what I mean by this I would like any litter I see to be of a good quality and have people who'd want them due to their colour/genetics etc. I know i'm far too naive on breeding currently and it will most likely take me a good few years to build up the knowledge I need to breed responsibly. I just wanted to post so I knew where to start really!
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