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Originally Posted by Tildauk View Post
I have searched on here but haven't managed to find an answer.

How much fresh veg is a good daily amount for a Syrian hamster?

I have always erred on the side of caution but wondered if there was a recommended quantifiable amount?

My little Lois is a recent rescue off gumtree and is around 3 months old, she is still pretty small, smaller than some of my other hamsters at 3 months I think but itís always pretty hard to tell because a full grown one leaves you then you get a little one. Maybe an amount for an adult is better to scale?

Thanks for any help

*sorry is my post is a bit dodgy it's my first reply*

I usually give mine a tablespoon every other day, or a few tablespoons once a week. (so around 1 teaspoon a day would be good, but I wouldn't necessarily go daily)
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