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Smile Meet Georgia!

I went to one of our local pet stores around an hour ago and I picked up a new hammy...
I don't have my camera with me at the moment, but there will be pictures this week. She's a long haired panda hamster. but she isnt fully black and white, the black is more of a dark gray. Her name is Georgia and she is already pretty hand tame. I've been hoping to get a new one since my beloved 2 and a half year old dwarf hamster, Nancy died on Christmas day...

This store, Pet Supermarket, is really an awful place. I stopped going there when I got a hamster there with wet tail, and Dewey's mother was also from there and she was pregnant at the store -.-
They had all the girls and boys in one tank, and it was a super small tank. They were all black and white except for two. One was cinnamon banded but she had what looked like wet tail, and there was a yellow banded with a sore on her back. I swear, I will not use that store again, but it is the only one in my area with Syrian hamsters!
Georgia was the only one comfortable with me holding her, and she came right up to me, unlike the others.

And they had the black syrians priced more than the regular long haired ones... I wasn't gunna say anything to the people since I'm only 13, and who believes a 13 year old... Anyway, I'm really happy with her. She's got her cheeks stuffed with tissue, making a nest.

What worries me though is that all the girls and boys were in one tank. There were around 15, so I'm assuming they were all siblings. She looks really young, she's still the size of a full grown dwarf hamster. Babies can't get pregnant, can they? She is kind of plump, but they all looked like that, so I didn't think anything of it...
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