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Default Yummy and Bin cages

On Saturday we went to the pet store to get some supplies for our two dwarves, when we saw the most gorgeous six month (I believe six months old) Syrian female. We both fell in love with her and he said if I wanted her I could bribe him (>_> Bribe? That means you want the hamster too!) On the way home in the car she chewed the carrier box and escaped, to climb over me while in the car and I just told her to go back in the box which she did. Then kept trying to get out of it while I was opening the front door!

My partner called her Yummy and she is currently in the Duna fun with the top shelf out, as she's an escape artist and has figured out if she pushes the back of the lid she can squeeze out. Yummy is also pretty skittish right now, any fast movements or sudden noises will make her jump and put on a burst of speed. We think she might have been a little bit abused as the other hamsters we got from the store aren't as nervous. I know the cage is too small for her but since she is nervous I figured the smaller size for now will help with taming.

Is the SAMLA containers from Ikea the best for both Syrians and Dwarves? I'm asking as so far our DIY project is a no go due to all the wood being too small, and the house needing maintenance all the time. As its a house boat keeping it floating is a bigger priority, or there would be no home for any of us. They need to be tall enough to keep Yummy from climbing out, there's no danger from cats (except next door's ginger tabby, but we keep a close eye on him whenever he slips in to the house) If its tall enough we can take our time putting mesh on the lids, the two dwarves are starting to get a little hectic now in their cages specially since Cindy is chewing everything at all hours. Might need to get one of thos crocidile things that were mentioned in another of my threads.

I want the best for my hamsters and bin cages are maybe the best option. Anyway here is two pictures of Yummy, the flash makes her look darker than she is.

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