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Default Re: German minimum cage size

Originally Posted by RubyDG View Post
The lid for added height is a great idea. The Detolf is superb for getting a cost effective long cage but it does fall short when it comes to height and width. The roof cuts out the height problem and you could always put 2 Detolf side by side and just remove the glass inbetween. I came across an image of someone who did this on one of the German forums, I saved it as I liked the idea, if I manage to find the original source I'll link it but have attached it so you can see what I'm talking about. I think if you did that plus the roof idea you would end up with a fantastic cage - although it would take up a huge amount of space
This is a double Detolf for a Robo, it also has a high lid like you need for a Syrian, but the person took it off for the photo:

If the Detolfs are the same colour, you can almost can't see where they're attached (with aquarium silicone). The frame is also removed and the glass is instead attached with aqua silicone.

All you need is a bit of plexiglass or a thin wooden board for the gap in the bottom, but with a high lid this would make a great habitat for a Syrian as well.
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