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Default Illegal Logins / Failed Login Notification notification

We have been receiving a lot of attention coming from China lately. It seems that spam bots have been trying to use brute force to try to crack our members passwords. If you have received a "Failed Login Notification" e-mail, then they have tried to hack your account. Please do not worry, the software is responding the way it should. If your password is a good password you have nothing to worry about- the vBulletin software and the 15 minute lockout prevents "brute force" attacks from being successful.

They are probably trying the 5 most common password such as:

1) your username
2) password
3) 1234
4) 12345
5) 123456

If your password is any of the above (or close to it) you should change it to a real password ASAP. Also if you receive any PM's that seem out of the ordinary, please do not open any links and report the PM so we can look into the problem. Thanks.

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