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I took her into what I thought was her appointment today; turns out there was a mix up with the dates. However, with me basically in tears in the lobby, they let me drop her off for the vet to see her once she was done with surgery. I said my goodbyes to her, and tried to give her some love before I left.

They called while I was at work and said Pammy was still pretty bright and trying to be active, despite what had happened. However, the limb near her wound was swollen slightly and they feared infection. This I could've dealt with, since we could control infection and clean up the wound.

Then I got the bad news. Pammy had a mass in her abdomen extending from either her liver/spleen and down her abdomen. I don't know if I could ever feel something like that, and the vet who saw her a few weeks ago (she is experienced with small animals/exotics) said her stomach had felt like a normal hamster stomach (poop included). They were thinking that this may have the caused her leg issues if it was pressing on anything, and I think it probably caused some of her respiratory issues if it was near her liver/diaphragm. I've always been super paranoid about masses, so I don't know how we missed it unless it was fast growing.

We decided to let her go today, after looking at her future quality of life and while she was still herself. This was a long, draining weekend for both of us, and I didn't want her to go through anymore.

Thanks for the replies and help through this difficult time.
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