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Since she seemed like she was in no pain this morning, and was acting more like herself I thought she'd be OK for a few hours.
Tonight the skin is red, and she is trying to get higher up. We are at the emergency clinic right now, where she has already bit the vet tech (she really only likes vets handling her for some reason-must be the smell!)
We'll see how it goes.

*update* So far she is still with me. The vet said she probably lost circulation in that limb, and either got desensitized and annoyed by it thumping along, or there was some tingling or pain in it that was bothering her. He said that there were no signs of major infection yet (the redness would receed if she stops since she is already on baytril), and the wound is not bleeding, so he did not recommend any actions for tonight. As long as she doesn't create a huge, bleeding wound, and her back legs continue improving, he does not see why she would need to be euthanized quite yet. The nice thing was they did reimburse me the initial $100 charge, seeing as he didn't do anything and just wanted to check on the status of the wound.

Tomorrow morning we are going to her normal vet, and going to decide the next steps in her life. For now, we are hanging on.

Hopefully these posts will help anyone in the future (I hope people don't need it, but it seems to have happened on occasion)as Google has a lot of inaccuracy/misunderstandings.

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