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Default Hamster Stroke?

Hello all!

I own an almost 2 year old Syrian hamster named Pamela (or Pammie, Spamela, Spamster, ect). Over the past few weeks we've been battling a respiratory infection, and she seemed to finally be back to normal up until this morning. When I gave her her dose of Baytril, she was dragging herself around her cage. It seems like only one limb can really support weight, while the others try.

I called her vet, and they discussed euthanasia (I'm not ready yet!). So instead I came home with pain meds for her.

Tonight, when I went to give her meds, her front right paw was turning blue. She can move her shoulder around, but it just kind of flops.

Could this be from her laying on it awkwardly-the stroke paralyzed it, so she can't feel it? Or could she have broken that leg somehow? The thing that is leaning me away from a break is her back legs are not quite working right either.

The second story has been removed for her to recover from her respiratory infection, so she didn't have a fall. I've been soaking her food in water and hand feeding that to her since she can't support herself to do so.

Any other advice? She already has an appointment on Monday that was supposed to be the all-clear for respiratory stuff, but this weekend will be the deciding factor on if we can go on.


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