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Default Carpet chewing nightmares!

I've recently been letting Lentil run freely around the room her cage is in, instead of popping her in her ball or playing with her in the bath (ball doesn't seem fair and bath stressed her out!). Obviously, I constantly watch her and check she's okay.

She seems to love it, which is great, but has also discovered the corners of rooms - specifically the carpet there!

She will spend ages in the corner trying to pull up the carpet (which she's suceeded in because the house we're renting at the moment is awful). I put things in the way of the corners and she does everything to move them out the way! I put my big makeup storage tower in the way (made of a metal frame with wicker baskets) and she managed to pull out the bottom basket and get to the corner .

I tried to pick her up mid-chew, which didn't have the best reaction - lots of flinching and then going back to chewing. The only way I can distract her is to shake her box of sunflower seeds, give her one and quickly scoop her away. Such a pain.

If anyone has any ideas that could save our carpet, that would be lovely! Olive oil went through my mind, but that would stain. Has anyone else has this? I don't want to have to put her back in her ball because I just don't think she can run around as much as she wants to in it.
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