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Default Re: Kit Kat's Thread

I'm starting to feel a little sick today. Not really sick but more like a raw throat but above my throat if that makes sense. I don't want to get sick because of Kit Kat. I'm taking precautions and my boyfriend is going to be handling and caring for her until I know I'm not sick. I will miss her.

In other updates, I'm also an owner of a 9 year old cat. I've had him since he was a kitten. I don't know if I'll be able to get a cat after him because he's raised the expectation bar so high. He's more like a dog in a kitty body. This might be because I treated and raised him like a dog. He knows his name and comes when called. Knows what he should and shouldn't be doing. So when he inches in to steal some pizza and we say "hey" he backs off and goes to sit somewhere else. He talks to us and is part of the family. Never really aloof or on his own but not to clingy or needy. Never chews on wires or scratches things he's not supposed to. He just knows right and wrong. The reason for this story is because of his respect for Kit Kat. He knows that she's part of the family and that I care about her.

Every now and then he'll pop his head up near her cage to see if she's awake. But then he'll leave. I know I can leave them alone and Salem won't be terrorizing her. He's interested in her but at the same time isn't. He runs away from her when she's in her ball and she'll chase after him. Kit Kat doesn't mind him either. Which is funny because she's scared of random things, everything except the cat. xD

Anyways, I love these two little guys and a couple months back I was able to catch this quick picture of them. I love it and I'll forever treasure it.


Kit Kat forever in my heart - 11/12/14.
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