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Smile Kit Kat's Thread

I finally wandered into this section of the forum and decided to make Kit Kat a thread of her own. Mostly just want it to be little bits of her day along with any pictures and videos.

Kit Kat's beginning:
One day I walked into Petco and I decided that I wanted a hamster. Originally I wanted a robo but before rushing into a purchase my boyfriend advised that I do some research. After doing my research I discovered that a Syrian would be better suited for me. I ended up going to three petcos and four kahoots before finding my girl. Sadly I was going of color and not personality. When I got to the third kahoots I saw a black baby hamster but that one got purchased right in front of me. I was so sad. The employees tried to convince me to get the other hamster and she was cute but nothing interesting so I left. For some reason that hamster stayed in my mind all night long so I rushed over to buy her the very next morning.

It was time for a name but I didn't want a regular run of the mill hamster name. I was going to settle for autumn but she didn't look like an autumn. Eventually Kit Kat came to mind and it stuck. After getting her there were a couple problems along the way. The problems are the reason why I wanted to make her a thread. So people could read our experience and relate or know that they aren't alone. One of the main problems was taming. I had no idea you had to tame a hamster. I had hamsters growing up and they were automatically friendly from the get go. No fear or biting. So when Kit Kat came along it was a intense. I thought I had a "defect" hamster and that she was going to be fearful all the time. That I would never get to hold her. There was the more than one occassion where I was going to get rid of her because of taming and because of noise. However, that's when I found hamster central and I found out about taming. People in this forum helped a lot. So many helpful tips and comments. Thank you all.

I began reading to her and would announce myself every time I walked by her bin so she wouldn't get scared. What won her over was her ball. She's fearless in that thing. She soon learned that I meant ball time and she loved that. Still, it was basically a one step forward two steps back situation and it was SO discouraging. The fear of getting bitten wasn't making it any better. One day I got fed up and thought to myself that I didn't care if I got bitten. It wasn't going to stop me from holding my hamster. That I would get over getting bitten. It wasn't until I got over my fear, got my nerves under control and forgot about the "taming process" that we finally became friends. I can't recall when she became friends because I recall it as us becoming friends. It just happened. I trust and love her and she trusts and loves me.

As far as her being noisy... I built her a bin cage and she hardly chews on the clothes pins that cover the two bars on her door. She understands that lights out is human nap time and that I'm not coming back. That is a key element! These little hamsters are smart! If you give into their noise then they'll keep doing it to get your attention. Any attention is good enough for them.

Anyways! She's been fine taming wise up until recently. There was a major airshow. Jets flying so low they would set of car alarms. Once the show was over I went to hold her and she would want to give me warning bites but never really bit me. She was damaged and I hated those planes. I sobbed my heart out, I had lost my dearest little friend. Again, thank you hamster central. I left her alone for a bit and went back to reading by her bin. Eventually she went back into her ball and started trusting the "outside world" again. She's back to normal and doing great!

So that's the latest on Kit Kat. I really hope you enjoy our little tread! She's a really odd little hamster.

Kit Kat forever in my heart - 11/12/14.
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