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Default Stroke?

This came on in less than a day. Last night she was biting people, climbing the cage, she was attacking the water bottle like her usual self.
I thought I'd give her a treat because it has been a hot day, so i made her a boiled egg because she loves that, but when I went to give it to her, I found it off she was on her side away from her bedding. Because she wouldn't sleep anywhere but her bedding.
So I opened the cage and place the food in and that's when she woke up and started to tremble like an old lady.
she's nearly 1 and because my old hamster died from wet tail I quickly checked her but it's not like the old one.
She's hunched back and she's dragging her back legs a little, and she was rolling around like she was disorientated.
I thought it might of been wet tail until I put the egg in front of her and she came back to life and gobbled the egg down but then she began to go back to hunched self and started to face plant the ground. She'll try and clean her face but her back legs can't support her and she rolls over.
She's eating and when I gave her water she drank that.
But she's just hunched over, rolling around and shaking
and opening and closing her jaw.

She has a ledge she likes to climb up on. and where I found her she was under the ledge, I'm not sure if she's fallen off and hurt her back or she's had a stroke.

She perks up a lot when I give her egg. :/ Her eyes widen and her ears perk up and she snatches it but then it's like with a spark of life it drains her, there's a moment when she's walking about and she freezes with her eyes open.
What's really out of character is she lets you pick her up and hold her. Missy hates being held.
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