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Default Enrichment ideas for Snowy?

Hey everyone (:

My new adopted Robo, Snowy, seems tobe settling in great but is obviously still scared of us humans! She hasn't once run on her cage but she does like to climb on her hanging fruit stick and crawled across the roof of the cage.

I need some ideas to give her some more fun because other than the occasional climb she just digs or sits there. I'm not sure what type of cave it is but it's very similar to a Mini Duna but slightly bigger, there is a small platform but not really enough room to place anything on other than a food bowl and a few small chews and underneath the platform is all cut off other than an entrance underneath the ladder, she uses the space underneath as her nest.

I'm not sure what there is out there, I was considering a hammock and climbing frame but I need one that will fit in the cage, I'd love to do a bin cage but sadly I just don't have enough room for anybing bigger than what I already have, anyone got any good products or ideas they can they can recommend?

Thanks (:
Hannah xx
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