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Default Re: Help with my hammy, we've been apart for two weeks!

Hello Hanhanboban . If Gimli is pregnant she should have gained some weight. In any case you'll know soon. Her cage does need to be cleaned, just in case she does have a pup or three. Scoot her into a cup or glass jar. Then put her in a travel case or the bathtub (after making sure she can't get down the drain ). If she is a shy little girl and is wary of being held, that's okay. She may require far more time to tame, and some hams just prefer not to come out of their cages. Also, if she is pregnant, that could make her even more wary of you. I'd let her be until after the due date. If there are no pups, then you can start slowly taming her. I'd really try the tub taming method because it gives her the ability to go near you, or not, as she wants to. I find this method the best, although this is my opinion based on my own experience.
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