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Default Help with my hammy, we've been apart for two weeks!

Hey everyone!

So I've just been away on holiday for two weeks, so my boyfriend was watching my two hammys. Before this I only had them for a week and I had trouble sexing them before eventually realising they where boy and girl and we had to seperate them. I had lots of help from people so thanks for that!

My boyfriend said they seemed happy seperated and are both looking great when I saw them for the first time Thursday.

Our little boy Gizmo was confident from the start and he's great now, he loves the attention and climbing out of his cage. Gimli was shy from the start and didn't like to go near our hands and was very hard to get out. She seemed happier on her own and is running around and on her wheel all the time, he hates coming out of her cage tho and is very shy and scared of us. I'm worried about our little girl, my boyfriend only managed to get her out twice in two weeks and she's very quick too! Whereas the boy was coming out 4-5 times a day.

I'm also worried she might be pregnant, she's still very tiny but I want to prepare just incase, has anyone got any advice for me? If she is pregnant she'll be due by the 31st but her cage and nest needs cleaning out and I don't want to disturb her just incase.

They're both doing great I'm just worried about the behaviour of Gimli as she's completely different to Gizmo and I want her to be ready just incase she is pregnant.

Thanks a lot in advance (:

Hannah xx
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