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Default Re: Male hammy turns out to be female hammy?

She's a very small dwarf so I'm sure I'll be able to notice any rapid weigh gain, I'll weigh her later and due it regularly in the next few weeks.

She's normally very sleepy during the day and active at night, you don't see her out much but at night you can hear her running around a lot. I'll see how her behaviour changes to what I can tell.

I've literally just been using tissue that I've shredded up myself, I put it in their cage and they move it around according to how they want to sleep. Shall I add 2-3 whole pieces of tissue to her cage and see what happens? She's burrowed herself under the sawdust today and been sleeping down there.

They haven't actually been seperated yet as I'm in town now buying a new cage, but when I left them they where both snuggled up together sleeping, that's why it's breaking my heart so much to seperate them ): coz they do get on so well but ino it's for the best!

Hannah x
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