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Unhappy Berry is at the vets today

Berry is at the vets today having her eye removed She is a climber, she always has been, her favourite thing to do is scale her house and hang off the roof by her teeth and hands till she looses grip, falls onto her shelf then goes and does again over and over, we have tried to discourage her from doing it whenever we are around.
However we can't be around all the time, unfortunately during the night she must have done it, except this time I'm guessing she hit her head or something as we came down to find her right eye all pushed out, we kept it moist and rushed her to the vets as quickly as we could, but have been told it is probably unlikely they can save her eye.
I feel so helpless and sad for her, yet I know the moment she is well again she will be back up climbing again, I'm going to kit her house out with many many hammocks so that when she falls she will fall into them now and hopefully not hurt herself.

I really hope she is going to be ok
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