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Thumbs up Cage Picture Comparisons, *NO CHAT*

Members are always asking for cage comparison pictures. There have been many threads over the years showing these so this will be an easily findable thread with pictures posted from past threads & for members to post new ones as the cage market continues to grow.



No DIY cages, this thread is for commercially available cages only to aid buying choices

Post a picture of two or more cages together

State what the cage is (with dimensions if needed)

Mini Duna, ZooZone 1 & ZooZone2

Image thanks to Crazygal330

Mini Duna and Imac Bingo

Mini Duna and Zoozone1

Mini Duna and Duna Multy

Imac Bingo and Zoozone1

All above thanks to Gizmodo

ZooZone2 & Mini Duna

Image thanks to Laurajane

Gabber Rex, Savi Cambridge & Imac Fantasy

From Flickr
Feel free to ask me about rat advice too
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