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Default To Submit An Ad Please Read This!

This topic of the forum is read only, in order to submit an ad you must copy the template below, fill out the information and send it to one of the modertators in a private message on the forum, or send it to These ads will also be placed on the Hamster Central Wiki on a special page dedicated to Hamster Breeder's, Rescue Facilities and Board. This is not a place to post about individual hamsters or litters. This is a generalized ad for breeders or rescue and board facilities.

TEMPLATE-COPY AND PASTE.- (Please fill out what applies to you, anything left blank will be edited out. PLEASE make sure you tell me what country your in so I can file the ads accordingly!)
Name of Operation:
Location: (Are you in United Kingdom, North America - Canada, USA, Europe or Other? must state country, if you wish to tell more thats fine, but we encourage you not to be to specific)
Kind of hamster(s) you breed:
Kind of hamster(s) at rescue facility:

Web Link: (if none leave blank)
For more information send PM on forum? (Yes/No)
For more information send email to: (type email if preferred)

Summary/description of operation: (here is where your free to write whatever you want to include about your operation.If you have pictures please send them with the email or PM. No pictures of baby hamsters without their eyes open please. Remember, I have the right to reject any ad applications or request for any material to be left out.)

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