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I've been dropping this link all over HC in the last few days, but I found a list of all the different foods, with ingredients and percentages and pros and cons, over on the Dashing Hamsters blog a few days ago. It makes for a hefty read though, this table definitely gives a better overview, but I thought it might be of interest to you, SS (and others )

As for percentages, and the different life stages thing -- I suspect baby hamsters need more protein, as it's necessary for growth, but then most good breeders supplement their mothers' and babies' diets with high protein foods anyway. Again, older hams probably benefit from a bit more protein and fat in their diet as they start to lose condition. Having done my own research, though, I believe that the %s Harry Hamster and Silver use for their mixes is a good one -- I even found a paper about it too, but like an idiot I didn't save it anywhere and haven't been able to find it again

Being as unbiased as possible aside, I swear by Silver's mixes, because a) they have %s I believe to be ideal, b) they smell bizarrely tasty, and c) my hams eat all of it and look healthy on it
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