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She did enjoy Silvers mix, she did like her old one though as well, I couldn't really tell which one she preferred in all honesty!

Thinking about it though, no matter what mix you give a hamster it's highly unlikely that they will get a balanced diet all the time, you have to take into consideration that you're only giving a small portion at a time which isn't likely the exact right portion of each individual ingredient, the hamster isn't always going to eat the right amount of everything and then there are treats - give one mealworm as a treat and the 'balanced diet' is off. As long as you give a decent mix and provide a healthy base diet (ie the mix) I think their diet is going to be fine. Needs vary too - age, health, size, weight etc all have an impact on what they truly need. If your hamster seems happy and healthy then they're likely getting a good diet.
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