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Originally Posted by racinghamster View Post
It`s mind boggling that the gap in levels is clear to compare thanks to Starlight`s list. And I agree, Silver has probably done more work on this than many of the `big` brands have in terms of nutrition of each grain. And because Silver`s mixes have far more variety within them, I would be inclined to say they are better than the others on that list just because her mixes have such varied seeds, grains and puffs within them. While comparing those to the blandness of some commercial mixes, (alfalfa/grass pellets, corn/maize, peas as hard as concrete and extruded coloured biscuits which have raising agents within them) it`s no wonder Silver`s mixes go down well with hamsters because it`s what they would normally go for in a natural diet. Small seeds.

Hamsters too will always be a bit choosy with their food, so allowing them a large variety is necessary to keep their interest in what they consume and if they are only fed a few extruded biscuits and corn, I doubt they would live very long.
Yep - I've heard many good things about the Silver mixes, and that the hamsters don't seem to be ignoring any parts, hence getting what it says on the tin (bag!). My hamster is picky: he doesn't like the green long things in Harry Hamster mix, nor does he like meal worms [I am still getting to know him...]

There is an idea for some anecdotal research: diet v life length. Mind you, I doubt people stick to the same foods for the whole of the hamster's life or can remember, but it would be interesting.
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