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Originally Posted by Lougarry View Post
I've read a few papers now on protein intake for hamsters, but they are all quite old and I have yet to find anything specifically focusing on fat and fibre.

I think the fact that all manufacturers have such different balances of nutrients speaks to the fact that there is no consensus/evidence-based guidelines.

I am sticking to Silver's mixes because my hamsters like them and seem healthy on them, which is the absence of any evidence is enough for me. I don't want a mix with lots of processed ingredients or lots of things that get left.
Absolutely, and that is another factor: when they leave stuff they aren't getting what it says on the packet anyway!

I must say, I enjoy providing 'extras' like leaves and other seeds (even mung beans), and it's thanks to HC that i know the kinds of things to give. I've been studying starlight's list and there really is no pattern to what is manufactured. It is the compilation and sharing of this sort of information that enables us to make more informed choices about what to offer.

So thank you Starlight, it is very helpful (and great ticks lol)
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