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Well observed Dandelion. It kind of `debunks` the so called knowledge that hamsters should be fed `this` amount of protein or `that` amount of `fat`. I personally use the Burgess Supahamster Harvest syrian mix (removing the corn/peas if I happen to have a diabetic prone species) as a `base` and throw in natural seeds, grains and dry herbs for variety, not knowing where that leaves the levels contained within the original mix, but I totaly believe that feeding a good variety of seeds, grains and small amounts of raw vegetables and dry herbs/grasses is more beneficial to a hamster than sticking with a worked out phenomenon that may or not be correct.

I read an article on the Hamster Association website that these formulations are worked out as `balanced diets`, but not by nutritionists who are so called experts in hamster nutrition, but rather as a generalisation.

If people want to follow that advice and believe their hamster is getting all it needs from a commercially prepared mix, there`s nothing wrong with that. I just don`t personally think these mixes are great on their own and many lack content and are full of `fillers` because they are cheap to produce. Grass pellets are one example. I`ve never had a rodent yet that eats these, but soft grasses and dry herbs along with flaked oats can provide the same fibre goodness, yet are enjoyed by the hamster. So while the pellets are ignored, the herbs and oats get consumed.

So yes, I`m all for cutting out the bad ingredients and replacing them with something far better and healthier.
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