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Great job Starlight, that takes up time to research all the brands but it`s worth it for the comparisons. Strange too though that the highest protein is 19.1 and the lowest protein is 12. 9?!!! Perhaps that comes down to the individual content within each mix and the manufacturers own research, but I`m a bit baffled that there is such a wide gap between protein percentages when it`s supposed to be `set` amount? I`m not too convinced that the scientific research statements on levels of protein for hamsters is that accurate, or perhaps the percentages science comes up with are more in line with the tests they are studying at the time and the hamsters are all being fed on different diets anyway depending on the trials being undertaken, which is often the case.

Hamsters and other small animals require higher protein levels while young, but not so much as they grow older, so I wonder too how the protein levels can be reduced if the whole mix is still being fed into old age?

They don`t seem to cater for that niggling thought!
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