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Default Suspected Diabetic Campbell...

Hey guys,

I've got a new rescue campbell who I suspect might be diabetic. He smells a fair bit more then my syrian boys and seems to be drinking rather a lot, although he is still quite active.

I'm after any advice re his care and diet really. I've had a read of posts and babyboos article - would you recommend a trip to the vets, or would that not be necessary if I got some sticks to test his urine? He's on Harry Hamster food that I'm picking the corn and peas out of. Is there anything else he can have on a regular basis that might help? Am I right in thinking a salt lick might help also?

Apologies if this has all been covered before. I'm just concerned as I'm not sure how long he might have had it without being treated and I want to the best I can asap.
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