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Default Re: Meshing a Zoozone

Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
Thanks Willow's Mummy I did much better when I looked on my laptop instead of my phone.

Just one question remaining really, is it better to mesh over the top of the bars (so the mesh in on the outside) or underneath (so it's inside)?

No problem!

As you're meshing a ZZ1, rather than ZZ2 and it has the curved top (I hope I've got that right!), I'd mesh on the outside or you'll have to use quite a few more cable ties to get it to fit to the shape of the lid. The other advantage is that you'll be able to fix the metal clips for hanging toys on properly.

Unless you have a looney chewing hamster like my Willow... In which case, use 6mm mesh from Wickes & mesh on the inside... Invest in many cable ties as you'll have to attach all hanging toys with them although your hamster will then chew through those & you'll have to take her suspension bridge out before she has a nasty fall - crazy ham!
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