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Default Re: Bar gnawing, handling and toilet training difficulties


The bath technique worked wonders with my more nervous hamsters. Take her out with her ball, sit in an (empty!) bath and allow her to come out and crawl all over you in her own time. A few sessions of that will hopefully help her feel less nervous.

If it's only occasional bar chewing I wouldn't worry too much about it, as long as it's not constant. Though obviously if it's driving you up the wall that's not much help! But I've never come up with a solution to stopping it all together: when Maggie starts I blow on her nose, and she normally gets bored then and finds something else to do.

And the toilet: like someone else said, try putting the dirty litter in her toilet area to see if it encourages her to go there instead. But I think sometimes they just decide that they are doing it their way, and that is that, sadly!
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